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in defense

Looking through what used to be on this page, it came to my attention that I came off as an angry fangirl and thus my argument was likely immediately dubbed null and void. Not that I wasn't an angry fangirl—lord knows I was, but I am oder and wiser (?) now, so I will attempt to write this out a little more eloquently. [cracks knuckles]

These days, the SEED fandom isn't very active. Not surprising, considering the fact that Destiny concluded almost four years ago, and the movie is on some sort of indefinite hiatus due to an ailing writer. All that said, there isn't so much of a debate anymore, outside of certain forums and occasionally 4chan's mecha board. Still, to this day, the biggest claim of those who argue against Kira's character is the idea that he is "godmoding." The godmode claim came to be in around the late-20's (in terms of episodes, mind you) of Destiny, and basically consists of the argument that Kira is self-righteous, thinks he is God because he is arguably the most powerful character in the series, and thinks everything he does is right. Kira had his time being conflicted; the first series showed us this quite clearly. He knows what he believes in by the time Destiny rolls around, and he fights for it. To be truthful, I don't like the direction they went with his character in Destiny, specifically because he was made to seem infallible and it only served to fuel the bashing of his character more. There should never have been doubts to the fact that Shinn was supposed to be the main character of Destiny, and despite Kira being my favorite character, I fully agree with the compaints in regards to the direction the writing took near the middle of the series. I can understand the frustration of the fans of the Destiny characters whose spotlight was effectively stolen, but I consider this a problem with the writing rather than Kira's character and/or his motivations. This claim is usually made by disgruntled fans of the GSD characters, who sadly have gotten a relatively small spotlight, so they take it out on the old characters. However, there are some claims I have seen that have made almost no sense to me, which include that he is "egotistical." This, to me, doesn't make any sense. Never does Kira talk about how relatively "powerful" he is, much less boast about it. He's not that type of character at all.

The "No-Kill Policy" is something disgruntled fans seem to have made up as another reason to dislike him. However, there really is no such thing. Yes, Kira does whatever possible to avoid killing his enemies (i.e. merely disabling their suits), but that does not mean he will not kill if necessary, which in turn means that when he does, it does not make him a hypocrite for doing so. Never has he said he would never kill anyone; that doesn't mean he wants to by any means, but he is not above doing what he believes is necessary.

Essentially, just like everything else in fandom, people will like what they like. As this is a shrine, I felt I should express my views on some common negative statements made about Kira. I don't expect to change anyone's opinion, but that was not my intent anyway. I respect your opinion if you respect mine!

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